Pasadena Showcase House of Design

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Visit the 56th Pasadena Showcase House of Design from the comfort of your own home. Tour this renovated, vintage Pasadena estate originally designed by noted architect Gerard R. Colcord.

You’ll learn its rich history and experience the stunning updates created by 23 of Southern California’s top interior designers. Hear directly from the design team as they share ideas, tips & tricks for every room in your home, plus all their resources.

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FEATURED INTERIOR DESIGNERS: Amanda Claverie, Amy Kim, Barbie Palomino, Caitlin Whelan, Chad Morill, Christine Jahan, Courtney Thomas, Donna Whelan, Fiona Lau, Greg Parker, Jake Galang, Janine Gregory, Jay Griffith, Jeanne Chung, Jhoiey Ramirez, Kassy Dieujuste, Laramee Haynes, Laura Muller, Louise O’Malley, Pamela Sandall, Paul Heinz, Shari Tipich, Stephanie Hatten, Sydney Harrington, Terry Morill.


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Eyewitness News Reporter Adrienne Alpert gives us a look at the Pasadena Showcase House reimagined in 3-D

“Until now, this annual event attracted patrons primarily from Southern California, but the virtual audience can come from worldwide. They will zoom into a 6,700-square-foot federal country estate built in 1937 for $30,000 for Edmund Locke Jr. It was designed by Gerard Colcord, a USC grad known as Hollywood’s society architect.”

Westedge Design Fair Co-Founder and Principal Megan Reilly reviews the 56th Pasadena Showcase House

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Featured in:

Episode 1

Janinie Gregory, Stephanie Hatten, Chad Morrell, and Greg Parker

Episode 2

Christine Jahan, Barbie Palomino, Laura Muller, and Susan Sawasy

Episode 3

Pamela Sandall, Shari Tipich, Jake Galang, and Fiona Lau

Episode 4

Featuring guests: Jhoiey Ramirez and Jeanne Chung